Pennsylvania: We can’t go back to Donald Trump.

We cannot afford the chaos and damage of another Trump presidency.

Your vote matters now more than ever. The stakes are too high.

Meet a few of our neighbors who are standing up and speaking out.


Rich is a husband, father, and grandfather. He is currently a national representative for the AFGE labor union, but he’s previously had careers in law, education, middle management, and federal government. Rich worked as a federal employee for eight years during the Reagan administration, and his father and brother were lifelong federal employees. Rich thinks Trump is unqualified and unfit for office.

Meet Jim and Lori

Jim was born in Philadelphia but currently resides in Lancaster with his wife Lori. He retired after working more than 30 years as a nurse, including several decades at Lancaster General Hospital (LGH). Lori was born in Hershey, but moved to Lancaster when she started working at LGH where she met Jim. Health care is their passion. They love to spend time with their grandchildren, garden, work out, and bake together.


A daughter and granddaughter of coal miners, Sue is a retired nurse who was born and raised in rural Pennsylvania. She and her husband have two daughters and several grandchildren. She is a breast cancer survivor and credits her recovery to the treatment options available to her. As a nurse, she’s also seen too many people struggle with access and affordability of health care.


See what Trump has said about reproductive rights, women’s health care, and more.

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